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Getting Your Website Built

When it comes to building a website there a number of aspects you should first consider to ensure that your site meets your expectations and fulfils the role it has been designed for. Although web design, as in the look and feel of the site, is an important part of the web site building process, you and your chosen web designer will need to think about the other aspects that go into designing and building a website.

The first thing you need to consider is which ‘language’ you are going to use to create your web pages. Most web designers will use HTML as this is a flexible and universal web building tool. However, these days there is more to choose from than just HTML, although this remains the simplest language as it can be used with Microsoft Word and other text programs. Among the others you can choose from now are CSS, DHTML and XML, and while you may not need to know the in and outs of each one its best to know something about them so you cab discuss it with your potential web designers. For the low down on these codes visit our What To Use section.

As well as knowing a little about how your web site will be created you, together with your chosen web design agency, will have to decide just how accessible you want to make your website. Under the Disabilities Discrimination Act, companies and individuals have to ensure their websites are accessible to people with physical and mental disabilities, although there are differing levels of accessibility and various ways web professionals can achieve them. For more information, check out our Accessibility section.

Also worth bearing in mind, particularly if you would like your website to have video, audio, interactive graphics, games, or e-learning applications, is which multimedia functions are available to you. The two main multimedia applications are Flash and Shockwave, which have both been created by Macromedia, and enable web users to watch videos, listen to audio commentary, and take part in interactive games and learning. This is a specific skill separate to simply building a website, and whether you decide to go for a freelance web designer or a design agency, if you want to make use of this web technology, make sure you choose a web designer who knows about it. For more details, check out the Multimedia section.

Finally, forums and chat rooms are an ever-developing and important source on the Internet today as they allow communication and interaction between users. If you are considering having a chat room or forum (bulletin board) on your website then visit our Forums section for more information about the pros and cons of using these little extras.

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